The AlvaRezo (September 2006) - Converting a flat top guitar into a resonator

I'd always wanted a resonator guitar to play slide on, but couldn't afford one. So a couple years ago I bought an old Alvarez classical guitar with a broken top and cracked headstock to convert into a resonator. The guitar cost me $20. I took lots of pictures thinking I might create a web page of the process, or something, but I never did. So, here's a slide show with narration. A video of me playing the guitar is tacked on at the end. The total cost of the end project was less than $100.

One old busted-up Alvarez guitar
One 9 inch resonator cone
One biscuit bridge
One tail piece
One indoor grilling pan (cover plate)
One cabinet handle
Some plywood
Lotsa' glue
Unrealistic sense of what you can accomplish with your own two hands.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'd be glad to go into more details on certain aspects of the project.