Salad Bowl "gourdless" Gourd Banjo #2

Salad Bowl Banjo #2 - blood wood fingerboard

After completing Salad Bowl Banjo #1 I almost immediately started in on Salad Bowl Banjo #2. This time I got a hand-turned walnut bowl from local caftsman, Ron Thompson. This bowl was one of his "seconds." That is, one of his bowls not perfect enough for him to sell at full price. Wormy maple was used for the neck and blood wood for the fingerboard and peghead overlay. The bridge is walnut capped with blood wood and the nut is also blood wood. I tacked on a goat skin and it sounds great. I love the way the banjo turned out, both aesthetically and its tone. A full video explanation and demonstration is below. There are also some close-up photos below the video.

Salad Bowl Banjo #2 - Wormy Maple neck

Salad Bowl Banjo #2 - Blood wood peghead


Salad Bowl Banjo #2 - down the neck