Tackhead Banjo - Mahogany and Bloodwood

This is another commission. Many months ago I contacted Mike Quinlan, who makes beautiful handcrafted bodhrans, about the internal tuners in his drums. He kindly responded with more information than I could have ever expected about how he creates his drums and tuners. The information he passed along helped me with my "Internal Tensioning System" - a term I use because the word "tuners" has, of course, already been taken on the banjo.

Anyway, as it turns out, Mike enjoyed my instruments and the videos I've been uploading to youtube and asked me to make him a banjo.

It's another tackhead with internal tensioning. The 12 inch rim is made of mahagony and bloodwood. The neck is mahogany and the fretboard is bloodwood. Mike posted a review of this banjo at Banjo Hangout here.

Here's a video of me explaining and demonstrating the banjo followed by a few photographs.