Dobson Style Banjo

This is my first "modern" banjo - that is, my first build that uses hardware on the outside of the banjo rim, rather than tacks. I used all raw brass hardware (tension hoop, tailpiece, hooks and bolts from Melrose Music; dobson tone ring from Wayne Sagmoen; other odds and ends from Ace Hardware). What I really like about this banjo is that it is mine (I hadn't built a banjo for me in over a year).

Here's a video demonstration and explanation of the banjo followed by photos (including some from the building process).

Rim is all wood with an integrated flange. The dobson tone ring is on the rim in this photo.

Here's the bottom of the rim. You can see I'm using walnut and purple heart. It was so fun shaping this rim on the lathe.

And here's the rim without the tone ring but with a little of raw brass hardware that will be used.

This is the first time I've tried my hand at backstrapping a neck. I find this to be a bit "busy" but I wanted to experiment a little. The neck is walnut and purple heart. The different veneers to create the backstrap are maple, purple heart and finally lace wood.

Here's another angle of the neck and back strap.

I'm using lace wood on the peghead, as well.