• Allie Lee, of Frank and Allie, wrote this wonderful blog highlighting the two banjo builders in our small town of Bryson City. Dean Robinson is a wonderful craftsman and I'm honored to be written up in the same article.  
  • Grey Lakey, a reporter for the Smoky Mountain Times (my local newspaper) visited my shop and wrote this nice article for the July 18, 2019 edition.  
  • I was super excited to have been included in the Smokies Life Magazine in an article titled, "Smoky Mountain Luthiers. Such an honor to be included in the same piece as friend, and master guitar builder, Bob Gernandt.

  • Along with several other banjo builders hailing from North Carolina, Deep Creek Strings banjos were featured in the October 2017 issue of Banjo Newsletter.

  • I am proud (and humbled) to have been asked by Craig Evans to take part in the "Conversations with North American Banjo Builders" DVD series. So many of my favorite banjo builders have taken part in this series.  Still sort of pinching myself that Craig invited me to partake.  My "preview video" can be seen here, or you can order the complete DVD set here.

  • Well, it may not be the cover of Rolling Stone and it may not even be me on the cover, but the banjo I built Frank Lee is on the cover of the October '12 Banjo Newsletter, in which Frank is interviewed. In the article, the interviewer asks Frank about the banjo - his answer is below.

  • The May '12 issue of WNC Magazine featured handcrafted instruments from the region in its Life Style section. One of my banjos was included in the article.  

  • Amy Ammons Garza came over to the banjo shop to interview me for her Stories of Mountain Folk program.  Her interviews are being archived at WCU's Hunter Library, which is a huge deal for her. Interview information is archived here, but it appears you must travel to Hunter Library to hear it.  

    • Asthmatic Kitty recording artist, Shannon Stephens, took possession of her brand new commissioned Deep Creek Strings banjo recently. Working with her and her husband Seth was, to be perfectly honest, an awesome experience.  Now here's hoping the sounds of Deep Creek Strings make it onto her next album...
    Shannon Stephens, proud owner of a DCS Banjo

      • Banjo guru, Dan Levenson, was caught on film playing Deep Creek Strings Tackhead #13.  Apparently, one of my clients is now a student of Dan's.  Thanks Christine O. for sharing this footage with me!  (UPDATE: It seems that the footage of Dan is making its rounds on the web.  J-Walk spotlighted Deep Creek Strings again in this post.)

        • I was honored when the folks at Postcards from the Smokies stopped by the shop to take a few photos and ask a few questions.  Here's their spotlight on Deep Creek Strings.   

          • What a wonderful surprise to find this entry at the J-Walk blog (which I subscribe to).