Vintage DCS

Original Deep Creek Strings Logo

Deep Creek Strings had, to be honest, quite humble beginnings.  Cigar boxes (notice the Cigar Box Guitar motif in the original logo above), cookie tins, enamel roasters, even bed pans, were used to create new instruments.  To be sure, during the first couple years of building, I had a definite DYI approach (if I could think it might work - the rest was just problem solving).  Instrument parts were more likely to come from a local thrift store or flea market than from a luthier supply-house.  Moreover,  I had absolutely no aspirations of building instruments for anyone other than myself, friends and family.  I was bold enough, however,  to take pictures of my builds and upload them onto the internet.  For some of them, I even created videos.   Below are links to many of my first instruments.